The Religious Right Gets it Wrong Again.

If you follow politics at all, or watch the nightly news remotely close, their is no doubt you have seen Pastor Robert Jeffress, of FBC Dallas, declare republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney unfit for the job due to his affiliation with Mormonism. When Jeffress introduced Perry at the Values Voters Summit he contrasted Perry and Romney as choosing between a Christian conservative and a man who was merely moral. During Jeffress speech Pastor Robert declared God’s vengeance and wrath on a nation that introduced false Gods. Without saying it in so many words Pastor Jeffress basically declared America a nation on the brink of judgment if a Mormon introduced his false Gods to American citizens… as you’ll see in the video below.

As I watched video, after countless video yesterday of Robert Jeffress blasting Mitt Romney I couldn’t help but think this looked a whole lot like fundamentalists in the anti-saloon league during the prohibition era; campaigning on fear to scare the hearts of the public into their political corner. Beer is Bad. Beer is un-American. People who make beer are bad. People who drink beer are bad. People who want you to have the right to drink beer are bad…

Jeffress whole assumption is that Romney is unfit to lead the United States based purely on one fact. The fact that he doesn’t worship or believe like a Southern Baptist/ Protestant/ Evangelical. Does Jeffress have problems with Romney’s ideas on foreign affairs, tax reform, universal healthcare, etc? His hate is based solely on the grounds of his Mormon faith. Jeffress doesn’t even seem to try and link Romney’s faith affecting his views on various political ideologies. In Pastor Jeffress mind Romney will lead the United States like the latter Kings of Israel into uncharted territories of pagan worship and debauchery. However, Rick Perry has gone into damage control mode and attempted to distance himself from the hard-line stance of Jeffress.

While the big issue at hand is Jeffress and his outspoken belief that if a man doesn’t worship Jesus like he does then he’s unfit for the presidency, or any publicly held office for that matter, the issue that resonates with me is that Pastor Jeffress, unwaveringly, believes this. Jeffress, however, is just the latest person with the biggest platform to say so. In a country where we pride ourselves on religious freedom religious intolerance appears to be at an all time high.

People in the upper echelons of the Church world often wonder why people don’t like politics mixed with religion. It’s because people fear the hate spewed from men like Jeffress, Hagee, and Robertson will become the practices of the candidates they back.


2 thoughts on “The Religious Right Gets it Wrong Again.

  1. Honestly, all the Republican candidates scare me because I’m an unabashed liberal. Romney seems to have the most sense out of all of them, though. I don’t care if he worships the flying spaghetti monster in his free time, as long as he doesn’t try to impose those beliefs on the nation.

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