Stop Shoving your Government Down my Throat

As the days grow closer to a pivotal election day we see both the Obama and Romney campaigns making final strides towards party conventions, and ultimately the all important November Tuesday. More importantly as the time grows shorter we see both sides making crucial comments and decisions regarding their idea of what the United States should look like for the next four years.

Basically, it comes down to this; how involved in your personal life do you want the government to be? If you truly feel that the government being grossly involved in every decision you may make, or paying for it, (healthcare, sex, diet, etc…) then go on ahead and vote for the big government candidate Obama. However, if you like the idea of states being able to govern themselves, while the federal government oversees what it should while not forcing your hand on whether you will or will not pay for certain things vote for Romney.

This brings to me to the big issue of Obamacare. Let’s not even try to discuss how Obama’s plan for medicare strips some 500 Billion dollars in order to pay for his version of Healthcare while Ryan Paul’s actually infuses it with more money or actually doesn’t affect anyone over the age of 55, and allows those old enough to qualify for medicare to have more options then what the federal government says you can have. The bigger issue is whether it’s lawful for a government to force a church institution to do something that it morally disagrees with. If the Church says that paying for abortion services is unlawful according to the church’s conscience why should they be required to pay for it.

People love to say stop shoving your religion down my throat. How about the government stop shoving it’s ideals and regulations down mine? As Paul Ryan put it Saturday, quoting philosopher John Locke, our rights our granted to us by God and Nature. Not from a government.


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